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Morrison of NASA disputes Younger Dryas Impact Team -- touts Tusk despite obscurity
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Unfortunately, the overcrowded session ran late, and there was no time for discussion or questions. Even when their conclusions were challenged, most of the scientists in the audience chose not to respond. The result was a lost opportunity for real debate. Perhaps not surprisingly, the AGU session received very little press attention. Indeed, following the AGU and GSA meetings, the YD impact hypothesis seems to have retreated into the obscurity of a few e-mail list-serves and blogs, such as “The Cosmic Tusk” where George Howard (one of the original PNAS authors) is presiding over a variety of catastrophist interpretations of Holocene history
— David Morrison, NASA, May\June 2010

David Morrison of NASA disputes the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis in the Skeptical Inquirer

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  1. Well what does Dr. Broecker believe was cause for the Younger Dryas? There still are a great many of his disciples in the scientific community that are still championing the view that meltwater, if not from the Laurentide Ice Sheet, then perhaps Antartica or perhaps elsewhere, as slowing or shutting down the North Atlantic Ocean circulation.