Cosmic Summit

It's a wrap: Cosmic Summit 2023

Whew. The Tusk is relieved to have my first ever stage production/lecture series/brain party/mass sleepover/international fly-in/livestream/video-on-demand/plus five meals for hundreds completed. I’ve been to plenty of public gatherings, but I have never, ever organized such a thing myself. So it is with wonderful relief and many thanks to hundreds that I report Cosmic Summit 2023 was, by…
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Disclosure at the Summit

Marc Young: The world's first Cosmoarchaeologist

Random Tusks

Davias Presents to Geological Society of America on Carolina Bays

I am trying to get the Powerpoint from Michael Davias, which I will post.  I am sure it is very, very cool.  His website is here:  Goldsboro Ridge: How does a lake form on a hill? SURFICIAL QUARTZ SAND DEPOSITS ON THE ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN: EOLIAN, FLUVIAL OR MARINE? THE CASE FOR A CATASTROPHIC DELIVERY MECHANISM DAVIAS, Michael, Cintos Research, 1381 Hope…
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Charles Appleton Day

2021 Tall el-Hammam study makes final Jeopardy! question