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This is off-topic but I feel appropriate on the anniversary to share a personal experience from 9/11. Pam and I were horrified from the left bank of the Potomac to feel the plane hit the Pentagon. I took this creepy photo from our hotel room after the impact. See the Twin Towers? I will never, ever forget how hateful the real world can be.



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  1. I was married to a firefighter when this happened. I had grown up with cousins and friends who became police officers. My father was a decorated WWII vet, and throughout my life my family and I have enjoyed close friendships with people serving in all branches of the military and law enforcement. These friends and acquaintances have shown themselves to be extraordinarily unselfish, ready to step forward to help, ready to risk danger not in anger but out of their basic regard for their neighbors.
    There is an unshakeable community of people whom we can depend to respond with steadfastness, honor and love for the people they serve.

    Maybe someday in the distant future that will again include a few of the people who regard themselves as the Ruling Class.

  2. Dear George

    Thank you for your post on 911-

    20 years later and one wonders even if 20 years from now, 911 will be properly remembered… I was sad to have witnessed a Very Large Stars and Stripes, that wasn’t even at 1/2 mast that day on this month.

    Well… I better get going- I still gotta stand in line to take my clothing off, to get on an airplane.


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