Climategate 2.0: 540 AD Dust Veil and the Mike Baillie email

I have been working on putting this nugget from Climategate 2.0 into context, but wanted to get something up in the meantime. Below is a fascinating exchange between the high priests of climate science, an editor of a paper they had recently submitted, and a reviewer whose own contrary theory was being eviscerated by the […]

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Whatapaper: Baillie and McAneney on the Bronze Age Cosmic Collapse

Mandelkehr Kobres Below is a superbly written exploration of the climate collapse(s) circa. 2200 B.C. by occasional Tusk commentor Jonny McAneney and his mentor, long-time Tusk favorite Mike Baillie. I don’t know how I missed this paper, but I do know how I found it. Jonny thoughtfully posted the public link back in December 15, […]

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Baillie: 540 AD climate event likely volcano, not cosmic; seven year glitch discovered in ice cores

Restored from the library fire 1/1/20

The Tusk hates to see a good cosmic climate hypothesis die, but best it be at the hands of a catastrophist scientist and father of said theory. In a continuing demonstration of his intellectual integrity, true ring guru Mike Baillie has lowered the flag on the 540 AD event and recommended volcanoes as a better […]

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Ignored but recorded: British Library interviews Baillie

Restored from the library fire 1/9/20

I’m back — with at least five blogs loaded in my chamber. It is a terrible thing for a blogger to disappear for longish periods, only to re-appear with several posts in quick succession. But I’m not getting paid for this and (somewhat) erratic blogging is better than no blogging at all. (In my defense […]

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Baillie Years and the Black Death

Patched up from the library fire 1/11/20 Pending further fixes

More info here and here Baillie Black Death and Tree Rings Coincident -Marc Young here- In the process of restoring this document from the library fire, I was unable to gain access to the original book titled New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection. I did however track down a chapter by Mike from Comet/Asteroid […]

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Mayan Match: Baillie discovers correlation between ice core chemistry spikes and Mayan Long Count Calendar

Restored from the library fire 1/11/20

Mayan Calendar A Mike Baillie fan passed along this fascinating discovery last week and I hoisted the paper to the Tusk immediately.  Mike is on to something mighty interesting. Nowhere has anyone noted the corellation between the two early Mayan “Baktun” transitions and spikes in ice core chemistry from Greenland. Calendrical genius that he is, Mike even reverse engineers the data […]

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The Baillie Years: Catastrophic impacts during human times

Highly recommended reading Below is a neat little overview of the work of Mike Baillie and others to define a cause for the worldwide climate downturns of: 3195 BC, 2354 BC, 1628 BC, 1159 BC, 207 BC, 44 BC, and 540 AD. It is found here on a website devoted to liberalizing Islam (not a bad cause […]

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Blinded By Debate: Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit and AGW Skeptics direct fire on friendly Baillie

I often find myself privately obsessed with comparing the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) debate with the far more obscure ET Climate Catastrophe (ETCC) debate  — particularly the nature and role of The Skeptic of Mortal Peril in each. The Skeptic of Mortal Peril in the AGW debate is defined by the fearless pajamaed retirees like Steve […]

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Coronavirus from Space?

A heterodox communication from Chandra Wickramasinghe to the Lancet

As regulars know, this is the 2nd communication this week from living scientific martyr Dr. Chanda Wickramasinghe to the Tusk, and this one is perhaps the more pressing.
Chandra’s note below, shared first on the Tusk, is to the prestigious medical journal The Lancet and a technical communication concerning the increasingly global scourge of Coronavirus. Virology ain’t my thing, but Chandra is very well published on the subject, and indeed authored a book concerning Disease from Space way back in 1981.

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Oldie but Goodie

Dendrochronologist Mike Baillie on impacts more recent than Younger Dryas

Hear the British Library interview Dr. Baillie Jonny McAneney’s Tusk comment on his collaborator Mike Baillie’s paper: This is an important paper, but it is equally important to point out that scientific understanding has moved on in the decade or so since this was published. I have posted before on this site about the corrections […]

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Now Playing: Ancient Irish history decoded as cosmic by McCafferty on Smithsonian

Patrick McCafferty, Irish history savant and co-author and collaborator of Mike Baillie’s, stars tonight in a Smithsonian Channel documentary concerning the mysterious history of Ireland in the 6th century AD. McCafferty with the assistance of another Tusk favorite, Dallas Abbott, decodes the available information and concludes that Halley’s comet was responsible for the island’s conversion to […]

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The Song of Ullikummi: Grondine unpacks Bronze Age myth revealing Courty Impact Event

Two posts ago the Tusk provided some desperately needed oxygen to Marie-Agnes Courty’s work concluding the collapse of the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia around 2000 BC was the result of cosmic bombardment — not a volcano. Like the skeptics of the YDB group, Courty’s critics have long sought to bury the living, while shooing the rest […]

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The Tusk: Comments Better than Blog

The recent comments from Jonny on the Tusk are some of the most insightful internet analysis anywhere regarding the orbit of Comet ISON and somewhat related matters.  I recommend the developing thread to anyone who cares to stand in awe of intelligence beyond our own.   The painting on the left, by the 17th century Dutch painter Atlas van Stolk, depicts the famous […]

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CCNet Reprint: Grondine Essay On Collapse of Roman Empire


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6th Century Wasteland: Secret Volcano or Cosmic Interaction?

I was not surprised to see the paper below this week in Science. I have read all of Mike Baillie’s books, as well as ‘Catastrophe’ by David Keys, leaving me feeling as though I had actually lived through the 6th Century. The inescapable conclusion of the popular books and the hard science is that something […]

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Dead Car Special!: E.P. Grondine offering great book at great price

I am sorry to report that impact researcher, and friend to many on the internet, E.P. Grondine, has fallen on hard times.  E.P. has had two calamities, a horrible stroke — and a career as a newspaper science writer.  Which is not a popular vocation at the moment.   If that’s not bad enough, his car […]

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Great Paper: The case for significant numbers of extraterrestrial impacts through the late Holocene

I love this paper.  It’s in a great journal, chock full of well-sourced, multidisciplinary information, and written by a rock-solid expert in an immensely important field: Dendrochronology.  While other Dendrochronologists signed-up for the terribly political job of attempting to document slow and incremental temperature change over the ages, Mike Baillie became an expert in the […]

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