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Finally Available in PNAS: Very High Temperature Impact Melt Products: Evidence for Cosmic Impacts \ Airbursts 12,900 years ago
Restored from the library fire 1/11/20
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These scientists have identified three contemporaneous levels more than 12,000 years ago, on two continents yielding siliceous scoria-like objects (SLO’s),” said H. Richard Lane, program director of National Science Foundation’s Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research. “SLO’s are indicative of high-energy cosmic airbursts/impacts, bolstering the contention that these events induced the beginning of the Younger Dryas. That time was a major departure in biotic, human and climate history.

Ted Bunch

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Bunch, Hermes, Mooreet al,


Cosmic Airbursts – Impacts Leave High Temperature Melt Products at Younger Dryas 

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